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I spent part of today reviewing dead links, both on comics that had stalled (says the man who took 10 months between updates)  and crit sites.

Plenty to demote, pushed down the list as incomplete. Positives? Some stories that have wrapped (Gravedigger) which will always have a place on the list.

Mostly culling, not adding new content.



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Sat on the art for a few months. update from XP 2 x reinstalls of the OS, New tablet, motherboards exploding, much pain to get here etc who fucking cares. The main prob was discipline, not hardware.



New story by Jason Clarke. He fired through a submission for the CRIME WEBCOMICS DIRECTORY and was more than happy to add. Not sure where the story will lead, but loving the artwork.

BLACK AND BLUE – A noir sci-fi crime webcomic.




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Not dead yet. Dammit.


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WILDFLOWER: Work in progress.


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Ive taken a different tack on the next installment of BINARY. Instead of constructing a loose story, creating  the story art, then refinining the story once visuals are completed (as i did with PAPERTIGER,EXPLODER and DOWN) with WILDFLOWER im writing the dialogue first. which was great for working with action.

Will either release the next chapter in one or two parts, part one dialogue ready, artwork commencing next week.


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Loose to do list
– dev work on secret history, detail first 8, plus breakdowns
– artwork, kingdom acrobat
– headspace BINARY: Intermission
– review notes for BINARY 5-8

Golem DA. Losing the hard drive sucks. Now logging all docs to Ubuntu one, but at the time the lappy had no net connect. Lesson learned but sucks to go all the way back to sq1, when I was very happy with the initial 8. The rest… Off the mark.  Edit. Found old version.

Ps. who gives a shit about future plans when there is a month delay between final art —> lettering/publication.  Too long.

DOWN FINALE now online

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Its hard to sit on art thats ready, but the story has not been gelling. Fuck. 3 weeks hadn’t cracked it, not sure why.
But slowly panels have been coming together and it seems like the parts that are in place should have been that way from the beginning. So simple.

A few pages locked in, a few to do, getting closer. Need actions not words.

Desktop scaling: Unlocked

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The comics look great on the ol’ iPad, but on a hi-res monitor they were looking a bit lost being limited in size. Now they’ll scale to fit the browser.

Of course the flaws, general untidiness of the artwork would become more in your face, but hell, convenience trumps such insecurities and all it takes is the browser window to be reduced.

Checked out some of my old kingdom artwork – improvements have definitely been made, but it gets me thinking… I might start illustrating the one-off ACROBAT after DOWN release.