The fourth part of BINARY took me down the wrong path. While it was worth extending a story out to  the length it did, I need to reduce the page count to be able to get work out. DEATH / NOTE , EXPLODER are about the right length. I would love to keep working on … [Read more…]


I spent part of today reviewing dead links, both on comics that had stalled (says the man who took 10 months between updates)  and crit sites. Plenty to demote, pushed down the list as incomplete. Positives? Some stories that have wrapped (Gravedigger) which will always have a place on the list. Mostly culling, not adding … [Read more…]


Sat on the art for a few months. update from XP 2 x reinstalls of the OS, New tablet, motherboards exploding, much pain to get here etc who fucking cares. The main prob was discipline, not hardware. READ THE FIRST PART OF WILDFLOWER  


Ive taken a different tack on the next installment of BINARY. Instead of constructing a loose story, creating  the story art, then refinining the story once visuals are completed (as i did with PAPERTIGER,EXPLODER and DOWN) with WILDFLOWER im writing the dialogue first. which was great for working with action. Will either release the next … [Read more…]